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From large commercial and industrial remodeling projects to custom home
and guest home spaces, Carrousel Construction can help.

Commercial Remodeling

Carrousel Construction can help with remodeling any commercial size project. Commercial remodeling includes spaces such as offices, retail shops, schools, and much more. For more information on our processional commercial remodeling services, call today!

Home Remodeling

Have you ever dreamed of redesigning your home? What would you turn it in to? Our local home remodeling team can help make your dreams come true. For more information on this process, check out the boxes below and then give us a call to start the process.

Home Resoration

Texas is known for its violent storms and heavy rain at times. Your house is usually in the way of those natural forces. Our expert team of home restoration experts can help you tackle problems such as flooding, punchers to the home, and broken piping.

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Here’s How It Works


Have you ever wondered how the remodeling process works? Its actually
really simple. Below is our basic 3 step process to remodeling.




Before providing you with a bid, we need to scope out your project onsite. Its important that we know every aspect and detail of what your vision is.

Select Products

Select Products

Our product selection is the best in town. We’ll help you narrow down paint brands, flooring products, cabinetry, fixtures, and whatever else you need to make your home shine.



Now the real fun begins. We’ll begin the space breakdown process of your project are and start re-building from the ground up – leaving you with a perfectly remodeled space.