Customer Testimonials

Ryan, Kayla, Colt and Briley

To Carrousel Builders,

We moved to Midland almost 3 years ago to get back to West Texas where Kayla and I were born and raised.  When we moved back we lived in a rental house and a 5th wheel trailer, where we talked about our dream house and what it would look like. We started the house hunt and found one picture of the house Carrousel Construction was building online and knew we had to look at the house in person.  On a whim on a Saturday we decided to go look at the house we had only viewed online with one picture.  Upon entering the house under construction Kayla and I both looked at each other and knew it was the house we were meant to have as a home.  Monday morning we had a contract on the house and were in contact with Chris Pepper later that day.

We were able to meet Chris and pick out colors, cabinetry, flooring, appliances, fixtures, and ask questions, questions and more questions.  Chris never missed a beat.  He and the realtor even asked if they could say a prayer in the house.

From the day we found the house to well after closing, Chris has been right there to answer questons or check things out for us.  A house is a juge investment and can be stressful and nerve wracking.  Chris and the staff at Carrousel Construction know this and help tremendously with the whole process.  Mow we’ve got a quality house that just so happens to be our dream home.

Thank You!

Ryan, Kayla, Colt and Briley